• End-End Closed or Open Access IPTV & OTT System Design
  • Platform equipment procurement
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Network Implementation if needed
  • SMS & CRM integration
  • System installation
  • System Commissioning
  • Training
  • Operational Babe-sitting and skills transfer


On Demand TV offers Telco’s, ISP’s and broadcaster’s access to our Managed IPTV & OTT platform which guarantee low capex layout and a quick-to-market advantage. The advantage of using this managed IPTV & OTT platform is as follows:

        • Quick to market
        • Minimum capex cost
        • Low risk
        • Look Feel (GUI) Customized to your requirement
        • Integration with your billing platform
        • Ready-to-go content – Linear & Video on demand
        • Bundled Value Added Service
        • 24/7 & 365 support
        • Guaranteed uptime
        • Aggressive development road map


All our clients require consultancy during the project if it’s at the start of the end regarding operational services. On Demand TV’s engineers will assist you in making informative decisions regarding your IPTV & OTT project and if you make use of our Managed Platforms we will consult you on network design or a business model that will make your project a success.

        • Network requirements & design
        • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
        • Content delivery network planning
        • Conditional access & encryption
        • Service bundling
        • Operating systems
        • Billing & integration
        • Content
        • Operational requirements and documentation


On Demand TV have built extensive relationships with leading content providers and aggregation companies worldwide. As part of our service offering, we assist the client in getting the right content at the right price. This includes:

    • Linear Channel
    • Video on demand content
    • Radio Channels

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